Why Career Readiness

Here is what it means to us -- and why it matters.

Each student deserves success

MajorClarity by Paper is built to provide academic advising for all learners. Students achieve better outcomes with postsecondary education—but that education can take many forms. A technical certification, two- and four-year degrees, an apprenticeship as a Hollywood stunt double: all can mean success for the right student. That’s why we start by asking “What are you passionate about changing in the world?” We help students explore a variety of relevant opportunities, and ultimately select a path that addresses their specific goals.

Our unique formula

Students only retain 10% of what they read and it goes into their short-term memory, so career exploration and preparation cannot be text-based. Our proprietary interactive career simulations have yielded a 189% increase in students selecting career aligned plans of studies. Our videos made by real industry professionals have an 80% student completion rate.

At MajorClarity, we know that the best results for students (and for our world) come from a seamless integration of career readiness into every student’s education. Call it CTE, call it career readiness, call it simply helping students get the career they want—it must be completely integrated into academic planning. Old ways of thinking often separate career readiness from the traditional curriculum. But career readiness can’t just mean checking a box.

Let’s do better: when students take ownership over their academic choices by aligning them to meaningful career exploration, they’re more likely to complete their chosen studies—and to fully employ their skills in a meaningful job.

Essential Elements of Career Readiness

Make the Case

No educator is an island.

MajorClarity can help teams, schools and entire districts work together towards common goals. We understand the reality: to integrate career readiness into your school, you often have to get buy-in from administrators, counselors, or teachers—even when they’re not immediately on board.To help, we’ve created a suite of communications, content, and strategies designed to help you make the case for career readiness to your school.

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