MajorClarity's Approach to College Readiness

MajorClarity by Paper unifies teaching, counseling, and career readiness to make it easier for everyone to focus on what matters: equipping students for meaningful and successful careers.

We believe that engagement is everything. Students learn best when they are enthusiastic about learning things that feel important to them—and to their personal goals (but don’t just take our word for it—that’s what the research says).

We know there are as many different versions of success as there are students. But no matter what it looks like for each learner—a job, 4- or 2-year college, an apprenticeship—MajorClarity is built to empower each individual with the ability to flourish after graduation.

See how we help schools and students with College Readiness:

Postsecondary Research + Exploration

Students can explore thousands of 4-year, 2-year, and technical / certificate programs all in one spot.

They search for institutions by a wide variety of filters and can compare institutions they are interested in side-by-side.

Each college page includes information on programs offered, costs, graduation rates, campus demographics, scattergram data, and more!

Streamlined College Application Processes

MajorClarity's application management tools enable students to track all of their applications in one place. They can prioritize applications based on interest, see upcoming deadlines, and keep counselors updated with status-tracking. Transcripts and letters of recommendations can be easily requested and delivered securely through integrations with the Common App and the Parchment Receive network.

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Our fully customizable reporting and analytics tools allows schools to seamlessly track student progress on exploring and applying to colleges, submitting necessary documents (like transcripts or letters of recommendation), and even outcomes of where students end up.

Content That Yields Postsecondary Success

The average student changes majors 3x in college -- and each change leads to higher average student debt and lower likelihood of graduating on time (or at all).

Our exploratory content and micro-credential content helps set-up students to make the most of postsecondary programs and be truly prepared for postsecondary success.

Hear from our partners on why MajorClarity is "the best CCR platform, at the best price, with the best service."

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See why our partners are saying MajorClarity is "the best CCR platform, at the best price, with the best service!"
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