MajorClarity's Approach to Micro-Credentials

As post-secondary schools and employers move from quantitative measures of success to a more holistic view of students, Micro-credentials help create a competitive edge throughout college admission process, work-based learning applications, and job and internship searches.

After initial career exploration, Micro-credentials offer the sequential next step in career & college readiness.

MajorClarity by Paper's student Micro-credentials help pre-qualify high schoolers for CTE courses, AP courses, work-based learning programs, internships, certifications, and more. Since background knowledge is shown to drastically improve comprehension, Micro-credentials position students to be more qualified for post-secondary success – whether they are pursuing college, the military, or employment.

The Only Academic Planning
Platform to Offer Micro-Credentials...

Not only is MajorClarity the only academic planning platform to offer micro-credentials specifically built for K-12 students – but our Micro-credentials are also built with leading higher education institutions, industry employers, and educational associations.

This ensures that:

(1) The content is high-quality; and

(2) The certificates students earn have greater value due to being endorsed by and built with an industry leading partner

Hear from our partners on why MajorClarity is "the best CCR platform, at the best price, with the best service."

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See why our partners are saying MajorClarity is "the best CCR platform, at the best price, with the best service!"
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