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A full suite of instructor and counselor tools to help you get the most out of the MajorClarity platform.

All the lesson plans you need

Lesson planning is important—and time consuming, and tiring, and sometimes tedious and frustrating, and … you get the idea. We understand the realities of planning. So MajorClarity provides a library full of lesson plans that you can use to incorporate career readiness into your classroom.

We have lesson plans for:
  • Every grade 6-12
  • Specific subjects like English, Social Studies, and Math
  • Important calendar dates like Elections and Black History Month
  • Specific career paths like Health Services and Information Technology

“Print and Teach”

Our lesson plans are ready to use in the classroom immediately: no extra preparation necessary! We repeat: our lesson plans don’t require any extra preparation.

  • Each plan also comes with an accompanying slideshow for use in the classroom, as well as a PDF copy for you. Simply print and teach.
  • You can download some of our sample lesson plans below. To see the full range of lesson plans, log in to the resource library on the MajorClarity platform.

Download these sample lesson plans now:

Go to Resource Library

Make it real for students

How do you show students that what they’re learning now can have a direct impact on their lives beyond school? And how do you make those connections come to life?

MajorClarity is designed to answer those questions, and our lesson plans are an extension of that. They all connect career readiness to tangible classroom topics, and encourage students to take ownership of their own academic and career paths. Our lesson plans will help you answer that difficult question: “When will I use this in real life?”

More tools

On the MajorClarity platform, you can also: