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MajorClarity unifies teaching, counseling, and career readiness to make it easier for everyone to focus on what matters: equipping students for meaningful and successful careers.

We believe that engagement is everything. Students learn best when they are enthusiastic about learning things that feel important to them—and to their personal goals (but don’t just take our word for it—that’s what the research says).

We know there are as many different versions of success as there are students. But no matter what it looks like for each learner—a job, 4- or 2-year college, an apprenticeship—MajorClarity is built to empower each individual with the ability to flourish after graduation.

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How it works


Hands-on discovery

The unique activities in our platform are proven to engage students more than any others. That means students retain information and make connections across subject areas. Activities are personalized to student interests according to an assessment of personality and learning styles. The platform includes:

  • Videos with an 80 percent student completion rate
  • Lessons from real industry professionals with real experience
  • Career simulations with 2.3x more engagement than even video content
  • Hundreds of previously-unknown careers—and how to get there
Screenshot of a student admin page in the MajorClarity application
Screenshot of a student admin page in the MajorClarity application

No more guesswork

Visibility tells you not just what students are doing, but what they’re really learning. MajorClarity helps teachers and counselors see every student. The platform has built-in tools to:

  • Manage caseloads
  • Group students in any way you want
  • Quickly see the progress of individuals, classes, and grade-levels
  • Use data to find where your students need help

Automate Everything

Free yourself from paperwork, from filing, from record-keeping, from painstakingly completing and submitting every single student success plan: the MajorClarity platform automatically does all that for you.

Automatically Create:

  • Student success plans
  • Academic planning reports
  • Graduation requirements
  • CTE state standards
Screenshot of Student Analytics in the MajorClarity application
Screenshot of Student Analytics in the MajorClarity application

Go Further

For even more, the MajorClarity platform provides a wealth of resources to empower your entire school:

For Teachers:

  • Pre-built lesson plans (made by real teachers)
  • Student surveys customized for your class

For Counselors and Administrators:

  • Analytics that guide instruction
  • Data to pinpoint where students are falling behind

For Students:

  • Directory of $7+ billion in scholarships
  • Built-in internship and job search
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