How we do it - College Readiness

  • Interactive Content

    Students engage with our simulations 2.3 times more than with any other career readiness tool, and eight out of ten students complete our interviews with industry professionals.

  • Automation for Educators

    Create all your academic plans and track student progress with the click of a button.

  • Family Involvement

    Parents receive progress updates—and are encouraged to log-in with their children.

  • Early Insights

    Data and analytics that anticipate problems and identify opportunities.

  • 360 Integration

    Integration with school systems to complete course planning and register new students.

Overview of MajorClarity

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MajorClarity unifies teaching, counseling, and career readiness to make it easier for everyone to focus on what matters: equipping students for meaningful and successful careers.

We believe that engagement is everything. Students learn best when they are enthusiastic about learning things that feel important to them—and to their personal goals (but don’t just take our word for it—that’s what the research says).

We know there are as many different versions of success as there are students. But no matter what it looks like for each learner—a job, 4- or 2-year college, an apprenticeship—MajorClarity is built to empower each individual with the ability to flourish after graduation.

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How it works


Go Further

Our platform not only helps students better prepare for post secondary success, but also to stand out from the crowd through:

  • In-depth post secondary exploration based on each student’s personal profile
  • Micro-Credentials backed by leading industry partners that look great on college applications and in student portfolios
  • Interactive career test-drives to help them better know what majors to pursue
Screenshot of a student admin page in the MajorClarity application
Screenshot of a student admin page in the MajorClarity application

Automate Everything

Our platform guides students through utilizing their career exploration and academic plan as a foundation for postsecondary planning, whether that leads to a 4-year institution, 2-year or technical institution, certificate program, military pathway, or direct employment.

  • Automate transcript and letter of recommendation fulfillment
  • Application tracker with deadline and FAFSA tracking
  • Compare institutions side by side
  • See historical admission data in scatter plots on your students

No more guesswork

Visibility tells you not just what students are doing, but what they’re really learning. MajorClarity helps counselors, teachers, and staff see every student. The platform has built-in tools to:

  • Quickly see the progress of individuals, classes, and grade-levels
  • Use fully customizable reports to see where your students need help
  • Manage caseloads
  • Group students in any way you want
Screenshot of Student Analytics in the MajorClarity application
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