Our Story

The MajorClarity story, in the words of Founder and CEO Joe Belsterling.

Joe Belsterling


Founder and CEO

I know first-hand how hard it can be to find the right career path.

Never having been the traditional student, I was fortunate to have the College of William & Mary’s open-mindedness and innovative opportunities. Soon after beginning my freshman year, I moved to Washington, D.C. to work in politics—but only quickly to find it wasn’t for me. I struggled to identify what the rest of my career would look like. By the time I was able to “try out” my next two interests (finance and social work), I was 3 years in and tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

With these experiences laying the groundwork for what would later become MajorClarity, I began working with 4.0 Schools, an educational lab, to figure out how to better help young adults “test-drive” career paths before spending precious time and money pursuing them. This led to winning an RFP for a research partnership with NYC Department of Education’s iZone, whose goal was to build a platform to help students virtually, yet authentically, test-drive career paths and implement career-aligned academic planning for schools.

In just a handful of years, MajorClarity has grown to serve thousands of schools across the country.

Every day we strive to increase the capabilities of our platform: unifying career exploration with academic planning; helping CTE staff, counselors, and teachers rethink what’s possible for student career readiness; influencing K-12 curricula to serve postsecondary pathways of all kinds. Our mission is to ensure that the education of every student in America leads to successful career outcomes.

Ultimately, I found my perfect career serving education and as an entrepreneur and CEO. MajorClarity is here to help every other student have an easier time finding theirs too.

Postsecondary success isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Academic and career success is unique to each student, depending on their personal goals. We test drive cars, we tour apartments and college campuses, we use 30-day free trials of every online subscription service—but when it comes to making decisions about postsecondary education and careers, most students rely only on the most accepted and traditional paths, with minimal exploration or consideration of other options. National statistics bear this out: Fewer than 60% of students who enroll in a 4-year institution will fail to earn a degree within the next six years, and 43% of college graduates are underemployed in their first job—meaning their skills don’t match up with their work.

Our Leadership Team

Lauren Tipton Conroy


Chief Operating Officer

An expert in creating and growing digital education solutions, Lauren directs all MajorClarity’s organizational efforts towards empowering students’ long-term career success. Lauren has extensive experience managing teams that unify the efforts of disparate disciplines such as operations, data analysis, customer success, creative design, marketing, and product development.

Audrey Johnston


Director of Customer Success

Audrey has spent her entire career creating customer experiences that surprise and delight. More importantly, she ensures that all MajorClarity’s partner schools—and their teachers, administrators, counselors, students, and parents—are empowered and successful.

Scott Washington


Senior Director of Sales

Scott has spent nearly two decades directing sales and business development for a variety of educational technology companies. He works with schools across the country to build creative solutions that empower their career readiness efforts.

Justin Etheredge

Justin Etheredge

Chief Technology Officer

Justin has extensive expertise in creating technology products and infrastructure that solve real problems and meet customer needs. He is dedicated to ensuring that MajorClarity’s product and engineering teams and processes do just that.